Here's something to feast on in the new year: one of the jams from Causa Sui's super limited double-A-sided 10" released in fall - a fuzzed out, wigged out slice of free rock.

Also, here's the whole B-side off Pewt'r Sessions 3:

JULY 2014

The new sessions with Causa Sui and Ron Schneiderman is available for preorder now - ships august 18th!
First 1000 LPs are orange marbled vinyl. And as a very special treat, the first 300 orders from elparaisorecords.com gets bonus 10" vinyl with exclusive tracks - with stunning linoleum hand printed sleeves by Martin Rude in three variations.

Pewt'r Sessions 1-2 are also back in print on 2xCD and 2xLP

MARCH 2014

Causa Sui: Live at Freak Valley available thru as 2xCD / 2xLP at El Paraiso Records webstore.


New shirts available from our own label El Paraiso Records webstore. Only available thru mailorder + live shows. "What shows? You never play anywhere!" Guess again - We'll play DESERT FEST BERLIN as well as DUNA JAM in 2014. If you can't make it we got a remedy for that also: in April we'll release our first ever live record Live at Freak Valley on 2 LP / 2 CD from that special show in a damp valley in Germany last year.


Causa Sui's Jonas and Jakob wrote an in-depth walk-thru of each track on Euporie Tide for Canadas finest 'zine Textura.

Textura also did an awesome review:

"There's so much to like about the release. For starters, the music, regardless of whether post-editing was done or not, sounds live—and brilliantly live at that, especially when Euporie Tide captures the unit in full flight operating at the peak of its ability. The album's track sequencing works exceptionally well (...) Transitions between episodes are executed so seamlessly, the effect is stunning, and the listener comes away from the track, like the album in general, in awe. It's an incredible collection by an incredible band..."




Facebook event

MAY 2013

Here's another track from the massive forthcoming Causa Sui album, entitled Euporie Tide. The album will be released on 2LP/CD/DL in early August on El Paraiso Records. It will be available for preorder soon. Until then: grab a cold one in the fridge and crank this shit UP!

MAY 2013



APRIL 2013

Yeah, summer is approaching and so is the release of the massive new Causa Sui album! The album is entitled "Euporie Tide" and will be out this summer on 2LP/CD/DL on El Paraiso Records. Here's the first taste from the album. Crank it up!

JULY 2012

EL PARAISO RECORDS presents at Roskilde Festival was totally amazing! Here's a bit of the vibe:


The Pewt'r sessions are back in print! On 2xLP or 2xCD MARCH 19TH ON EL PARAISO RECORDS. Both CD and LP features brand new eye-popping artwork printed on heavy cardboard sleeves. Also included in both versions is the extensive original LP liner notes.


EL PARAISO PRESENTS will present 3 bands at ROSKILDE FESTIVAL this summer: Causa Sui, Papir & El Paraiso Records Ensemble. A one of a kind opportunity to get your brain melted for 3 hours at one of europes most renowned festivals, right here in Denmark!


DK livedates:
5. august, Kildemose Festival, Refsvindinge
10. september W. Wooden Shjips, Loppen, København
17. september W. Papir, Musikcaféen, Århus

Also, don't forget to visit the awesome FESTIVAL OF ENDLESS GRATITUDE, september 15-18. in Copenhagen.

JUNE 2011

New release in august on El Paraiso:

Also, livedates throughout the summer include Portugal and Denmark - check our Facebook-page for this kind of info from now on: El Paraiso Records (Causa Sui) on Facebook

MAY 2011

Lots of Causa Sui news at the moment. First of all the first vinyl release on our own label, El Paraiso Records, has been released. It consists of jam-sessions with Ron Schneiderman from Sunburned Hand of the Man and the vinyl is limited to 500 copies. They are selling out fast so be quick to one up at the brand new El Paraiso webshop, where you will also find other Causa Sui releases/t-shirts and related projects at very reasonable prices.

Also, the long awaited collaboration with the finest improvisers from Chicago - members of Tortoise, Chicago Underground and more - has finally been released on CD and deluxe 2LP under the name: Chicago Odense Ensemble. Vinyl is limited to 250 copies. You can also get this at our own webshop.

Some reviews of Chicago Odense Ensemble:

The Silent Ballet
Alarm Press
The phat Summer Sessions 3LP box has also just been reprinted, so if you were too slow to pick one up in the first place here's the opportunity.

APRIL 2011


We appreciate the dedicated fans that take an interest in documenting Causa Sui live shows - so we would like to pass on some audience recordings in all their flawed and strange sounding glory.

Last weekend a group of bearded amateur filmmakers showed up at Ålborg to shoot some great looking footage - including two new songs

In September we played the amazing Festival of Endless Gratitude in Copenhagen - 3 songs from that show is availible through bootleggers extraordinaire Noise Problems

MARCH 2011


MARCH 2011




The title says it all - go to EL PARAISO RECORDS for more info + mp3 of full track



Due to popular request, we've reprinted the faces t-shirt. This time in a beautiful dusty Summer Session-themed colour scheme: Khaki-shirt with brown print - heavy quality, hand printed, silk screened, limited to 50.

Europe: 20 EURO including shipping
Rest of the world: 30 US Dollars including shipping

email causasui(a)causasui.com to check for available sizes and PayPal or International Bank transfer info


Alarm Press editor digs the Chicago Odense Ensemble


a familiar face



Finally the Summer Sessions LPs are back in print! 3x 180g deluxe vinyl in a thick single sleeve. Out on http://www.elektrohasch.de/ at an extreemly reasonable price (22 euro)

JUNE 2010

Chicago Odense Ensemble

The band consists of Jonas Munk and Jakob Skøtt (both of Causa Sui) as well as Jeff Parker (Tortoise), Matt Lux (Isotope 217, Iron & Wine), Rob Mazurek (Chicago Underground, Isotope 217), Dan Bitney (Tortoise) and Brian Keigher.

Musically it's a continuation of some of the ideas on Summer Sessions. There's a heavy acid jazz-vibe going on here, that recalls Miles Davis circa Bitches Brew and Live Evil. There's also plenty of krautrock riffs and mellow jamming going on that should appeal to everyone who dug the Summer Sessions series. It will be out on super limited 2LP and CD, so make sure to make your preorder in good time. All prices include shipping and there's a special offer for both the LP and CD version for 30 euros (including shipping).

Listen to a full track + preorder at www.chicagoodenseensemble.com

More info over at Adluna Records



Finally we can present you with the three volumes of Summer Sessions in digital formats! We realize that the original LP versions were torn off the shelves, and that some of you've had to use desperate meassures to get a hold of the albums. Well, not any more.

Elektrohasch has printed a beautiful 8-panel digipack with all the original artwork on heavy sleeve cardboard. This 3 CD monster with all original artwork included is only 22 Euros!

Buy CD: Elektrohasch


Also, we're offering all three volumes as high quality downloads from your favorite mp3-supplier. Please note that these mp3s are taken from the original masters, unlike the crappy low quality vinyl-rips that have been flooding the web. Do yourself a favor if you like these and get certified mp3s - that way you know you're not missing out. We recommend a cool place like Emusic, where the albums are cheap - especially stuff like ours with long tracks. So now you have no excuse for not listening to the music in the best possible format.

Buy mp3: Itunes or Emusic (requires subscription)


A new release of all three volumes of Summer Sessions on vinyl will be available in 2010. But unlike the original limited releases, this is simply 3 LPs in a single sleeve without the original artwork.

May 2009


First of all we apologize for the lack of activity since the release of Summer Sessions vol. 1 last year, but now we will try and make up for it by delivering a healthy dose of mindbending stoner-kraut-psych-jazz freakouts in the form of two full length albums released simultaneously, just in time for summer!
Summer Sessions vol. 2 and 3 will be released on luxurious 180 gram vinyl, limited to 500 each, on Elektrohasch at the end of May.

Both albums feature the incredible Johan Riedenlow on sax, and electronics/keyboard mastermind Rasmus Rasmussen guests on Vol. 2.
Vol. 2 is based around long, far out, loosely structured pieces, with lots of free jamming and adventurous jazzy explorations, while Vol. 3 is more earthy and heavy, with some solid downtuned riffing and an emphasis on the melodic aspect of Causa Sui.

A few clips from the two albums can be streamed now in our Myspace player.

Track listing:

Summer Sessions vol. 2:

1. SUN PRAYER (1:06)
2. RIP TIDE (5:28)
3. THE OPEN ROAD (14:17)
4. CINECITTÁ (3:27)


Summer Sessions vol. 3

1. EUGENIE (8:09)
2. RED VALLEY (9:50)

4. SANTA SANGRE (8:23)

Other news:

We are slowly preparing the release of a collaboration album with the great cornetist Rob Mazurek and members of Tortoise, Isotope 217 and others that was recorded in Chicago last year. It's all mixed and ready to go into production, but details about the release are still uncertain, so check back soon for updates on this project.


During May we will be both recording and playing shows with Ron Schneiderman (Sunburned Hand of The Man) and Jørgen Teller under the name Pewt'r jjjjj. So far the dates look like this:

May 15: Musikcafeen, Århus
May 23: Remisen, Vesterbro, København at Festival of Endless Gratitude

We're also happy to announce that we'll be playing at this years Burg Herzberg festival in Germany in July. More info: www.burgherzberg-festival.de

October 2008

UPDATE: all shirts are sold out! We have 2 new t-shirts available - very limited, apx 25 made of each design. Contact us via MySpace or causasui@causasui.com to get a copy.

15 EURO / 20 US Dollars each + P&P

Design: Soledad, color: red w. black shine print

Design: Faces, color: black w.white standard print

Sizes: S, M, L, XL (all other sizes than L almost gone)

Remember that Causa Sui Summer Sessions vol. 1 LP, limited to 500 handnumbered copies is now available

Order it through
Elektrohasch (Europe): http://www.elektrohasch.de/
Stonerrock.com (USA)

July 2008

Causa Sui presents "Summer Sessions"


Finally some new Causa Sui material will be released! The new album, entitled "Summer Sessions vol. 1", will be released on vinyl only on Elektrohasch in August and is the first in a series of loose, experimental albums. The album consists of four long, instrumental pieces - one of them a 25 minute excursion - and sees Causa Sui break into new territories, experimenting with kraut-rock electronics and elements of proto-fusion jazz as well as the more familiar fuzz-guitar journeys and stoner riffs.

We really got exhausted after working on new material after Free Ride, not really getting anywhere with the songs, so last summer we decided to turn things around for a while. The result was a new working method which demanded immediate action from all involved parties and didn't set any limits for sound and style. Basically we recorded hours and hours of free jams and loosely structured songs, some of them very different in style and tone than the two first albums. Some of the pieces ended up sounding very unique and genrebending, others just plain boring. Now we have put the first collection together of what we consider some of the most interesting results from the sessions.

Four short excerpts from "Summer Sessions vol. 1" is now available for streaming in our Myspace-player.


June 12th, 2008

Duna jam...

January 2008

We are going to rock the hell out of at Duna Jam in Sardinia in June.

Also new gig in Denmark in March - chek the flyer for info:

August 2007

Okay, lots of exciting things going on with Causa Sui these days.

First of all, we have a new release out. It’s a very limited recording of our 100% improvised & instrumental concert in December 2006, which we played with guitarists Jørgen Teller & Ron Schneiderman of Sunburned Hand of the Man. The sound is way different than the 2 Causa Sui-albums, as everything was recorded live through a very basic setup, not capturing the individual instruments, but the whole sound of the jam in the room. The 2 hour concert were then spliced together in various ways, creating a sound that is both extremely lo-fi, but also very complex, to match the range of the players. There are manic psych-riffs that speeds up into infinity. Repeating kraut-grooves. Flutes & Chimes. Dark drones. It’s been described as Amon Düül II meets Kyuss. 70s Miles Davis producing a drunken Blue Cheer. The CD-R is limited to 200 hand numbered copies, which are going fast already: Write the good people at There is no Trouble in Denmark

For various reasons Causa Sui is now a trio consisting of Jakob Skøtt, Jess Kahr and Jonas Munk. The way the two first albums were written and produced was beginning to prove itself unfruitful, and some kind of change was necessary to ascend to the next step of Causa Sui's sound. It has been matter of rediscovering the sheer unbounded joy of creating music together and the ambition to go further artistically and develop as a band. All 4 of us was in agreement about it, so we played our last concert concert with Kasper right outside our rehearsalroom last Friday - it was a great gig, out in the open, with a good vibe on stage. The way it should be.
We have already recorded loads of new material as a trio during the last couple of months. We won’t say much about it yet, except that we’re really psyched about it. We play better and more freely than ever, and the songs are both drifting & gut-pounding.
We promise you no less than a complete assault on all your senses with a renewed energy and perspective.

July 2007
Free Ride studio-report is up on Planet Roadburn. It's written by Jonas, and it's a hefty motherfucker! It covers pretty much everything, from experimental music to boozing on a beach - be sure to sit down while reading these pages, as they are likly to blow your mind...

What we set out to do with Causa Sui was to create a rock music that was heavy on the senses. A kind of rock that had the freedom, power and excitement of the early heavy rock of the late 1960s but with the depth and possibilites of more modern stylings. A kind of rock that hits hard and immediate, while still being able to surprise and seduce after repeated listens. Something that's easy to get into, but reveals a depth when one looks closer – a mix of the known and the unknown. From the beginning we have operated under the thesis, "what could have happened with heavy rock if it had followed a different path in the early seventies?"
From the studio-report - check the overview-section on Planet Roadburn

Listen to the whole concert from the 12th. Roadburn at 3voor12 webradio.

April 2007

Free Ride is out on Elektrohasch Records. Digipack available now, 12'' + 7'' vinyl will be available soon. Order it soon via Elektrohasch or Stonerrock.com

Besides recording & producing our own records, making the artwork, own visuals and everything else besides actually pressing the CDs and Vinyls, we do our own handcrafted T-shirt designs in very limited numbers.

Various colours, white silkprint - only 10 copies made, all sold at the 12th Roadburn Festival.

Brown T-shirt with yellow silk-print, 20 copies - sold out


November 2006

While waiting for the new album, we have a few live dates lined up in Denmark:

Dec 10: Sørt Søndag, Pantheonsgade, Odense
Dec 29: Studenterhuset, Copenhagen
Mar 2: Loppen, Copenhagen
Mar 24, Fabrikken, Århus
Apr 20, The 12th Roadburn Festival
May 17, Rytmeposten, Odense

August 2006

Causa Sui will play at Roadburn Festival on April 20th, 2007 - with the absolute cream of psych and stoner-rock. We really look foreward to this gig in Tilburg, Netherlands, as Blue Cheer will play, amongst other great bands. If you can't wait that long, we also play on September 23rd at ZBZW in the same city. The Netherlands rock, aparently!

July 2006

We have begun recording for a new album. Everything sounds great on the recordings, which is made with a lot of new gear. Expect a massive sound. Included is our longest song yet, New Born Road, clocking in at over 15 minutes. It has all the elements that constitute Causa Sui, including a headspinning instrumental passage, that were conjured up through jamming straight for three days, 6 hours a day, recording each take. The release of the album is hopefully in the fall.

June 2006

Danmarks biggest national radioshow will play a couple of tunes from the Spot-festival - so tune in for a live stream of a wicked liveperformance at P3 on saturday June 3rd at 9:15 pm CET. Press P3 and the "Lyt til P3" or tune in if you live in Denmark

May 2006

Causa Sui will play on June 3rd at the Spot Festival in Århus, Denmark

In Germany, check out Stoned From the underground which is at Nordstrand Erfurt on the 14th and 15th of Juli.

April 2006

Online interview in Denmarks only rocking 'zine Lowcut about how Causa Sui got started and whats to come in the future.

March 2006 – tour report

Bacause of various annoying reasons, we end up not playing all dates as announced. But thanks to the great people of Drive By Shooting (awesome 4/4 rock), cool japaneese psychers Marble Sheep and the funny english punk dudes in Billy No Mates, we got some extra gigs to fill in the cancelled ones. BIG THANKS to these bands, as well as the incredible jamsters in Colour Haze for saving the tour.

We blew out amps and smashed up drum heads and cymbals, doing sets with a different vibe every night – on some occasions jamming our songs into oblivion. Great venues, people and vibe everywhere. We’ll be back on the road in the fall hopefully.























Images, Germany 2006

Tourdates, Germany
10.3. Miltenberg, Big Mama
11.3. Bad Frankenhausen, White Pig
12.3. Würzburg, Immerhin
14.3. Hildesheim, THAW
15.3. Linse, Berlin
16.3. @ Colour Haze, MÜNCHEN
17.3. Jena, Rosenkeller
18.3. Altenburg, Kanonenhaus

Causa Sui will NOT play in Berlin on the 16th as previously stated, but with Colour Haze in München instead.

Also, despite several rumours still circulating, there will be NO appearence at the Moonhead Happening 2 on march 25th.

We are sorry for these inconveniences - please note that Causa Sui were not asked if we could play on these dates until they had circulated for a while, at which time we were engaged elsewhere.

Please write in our Guestbook, or check out our profile at Myspace for a complete track

UNCUT Magazine reviews Causa Sui's "storm-tossed Danish psych-rock"

"A freeform psych-metal frenzy of screaming guitars, distorted vocals and Iggy-dumb lyrics. Ravi Shankar in a blender...
On these terms, epic Sabbath-goes-surfing closer Great Blue Swells is the only way to end." Peter Shepherd, UNCUT


January 2006
MOJO Magazine predicts the sound of 1971-psych will dominate 2006 - with artists Dungen, Comets on Fire & "Danish krautnoise foursome" Causa Sui. Watch out!


December 18th 2005
Jonas has written a detailed Studio Report for the excellent webzine Roadburn


December 2005
Causa Sui: s/t is out on Nasoni Records on 2x gatefold vinyl & Digipack CD. NASONI047.Buy from US or EU

A small tour in Germany is being booked through March 10th - 18th. More dates soon to come.


November 2005
After rehearsing, recording and producing for over a year, the album is complete and ready for release. Please visit this webpage from time to time - we plan on staying for a while.